Why choose Tuya smart Apartment
Maximize Revenue & Minimize Costs
Manage your property on SaaS & APP
Support Powered by Tuya Smart Device

Boost Property Performance and Efficiency

Remote Apartment Access
Tuya Apartment SaaS system is tool that make routine tasks such as access for tenants, viewing apartments with clients and maintenance tracking easier for property managers. No more confusing keys needed,for the convenience of managers,the apartment daily operation can be ulteriorly optimized.
Gain More Tenants,maximize rental profits
More tenants like smart devices to make the rental more comfortable and safe.The smart device provided by Tuya smart creates an opportunity for your property to maximize the profit of apartment rental.

Protect Your Tenants and Your Assets

Alerts & Property Protection
Smart sensors with real-time alerts find and resolve unexpected issues faster, and can timely notify the housekeeper through SMS and SaaS platform station message
Security Access Control
24/7 access control is specifically designed to ensure the security of your property and your tenants

Scenario-based energy saving strategy

Create energy saving strategy on demand
Energy-saving solutions can be customized and applied to different properties, and automatically arrange the use of lighting, power, household appliances, which will save you money, increase profits and improve the guest occupancy experience

A dynamic, secure, and reliable Smart Apartment SaaS

Tuya apartment SaaS solves your property, tenant, user and energy management problems, and improves the overall operation efficiency of the apartment.

Resident Mobile App-Zugo

Zugo APP allows your tenants to embrace smart life. In Zugo APP, tenants can enjoy the convenience of smart devices, remotely control smart lock, view device security alarms

Various system docking modes

Join Tuya developer and access Tuya apartment SaaS through API / SDK