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Rental Management Appbasic
The landlord uses the free version of the rental housekeeper for simple rental management, including: authorizing the tenant to open the door, checking the utility bills in the room, etc.
Fundamental data inventory
Operational analysis function
Operation Management Functions
Rental Management AppPro
The landlord uses the rental housekeeper Pro version for complex and sophisticated tenant management: including regular bill push, online rent collection, etc., and supports hosting the house to a professional housekeeper. The landlord can see the operation of the house at a glance in the App. He is the landlord Worry-free assistant
Contains all features of the premium version
Space personnel occupancy thermal analysis algorithm
Human factors lighting control strategy
FOR Professional organizations
Tuya ApartmentPre
SaaS +App ,Professional apartment operating agencies can use smart apartment SaaS products to perform refined apartment operation management, including: tenant management, equipment management, employee management, capital management, etc.
Fundamental data inventory
Operational analysis function
Human factors lighting control strategy
Fundamental data inventory
Operational analysis function
Operation Management Functions
Rental Management App(Basic)
Rental Management App(Pro)
Support the managements of the door lock, the water meter and other equipments
capacity of available rooms
Property management
Housing management
Meter management
Authorization management
Tenant management
Equipment management
Message center
Temporary password
Remote unlocking
Staff management
Room repair
Check-in statistics
System log
Notice management
Marketing management
Room management
Bill management
Fee management
Estate management
Landlord management
Hardware purchurse
Support room expansion
Equipment warning
Dock with the third-party rental platform
Social App of housing sharing
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