Manage Your Property Online

Can't be in the office 7/24? Our SaaS platform and APP allows you to issue a rental password at any time and any place to check the rental status of your property.
In addition to issuing passwords for tenants, you can also create one-time access and periodic access to control who can enter your property.

Create a Temporary access with Self-Guided Touring

Property manager are time-consuming and labor-intensive to receive potential guests. They need to manage a large number of keys and come to receive them.
To use our solution, you only need to create a temporary access in the APP. You don’t have to worry about losing any keys, because they have a limited validity period.

Keep Tenants and Property Secure With Smart Devices

Receive real-time alerts about threats, such as strangers forcibly disassembling smart locks, and people passing by in security areas.

Reliable security and privacy solutions

Tuya complies with information security standards and industry requirements, and integrates compliance requirements and standards into our internal control framework. At present, Tuya has been certified by many agencies worldwide.

Use Zugo APP and Rental Management to Get More Efficiently

Keyless Entry With Password
Experience the Fun of Smart Apartment
Create practical and interesting smart scenes and let it run automatically
Check the status of security sensors at any time

Various system docking modes

Join Tuya developer and access Tuya apartment SaaS through API / SDK